Day 2: French Onion Soup

As was the case with yesterday’s meal, today we did another “Kelsey’s Essentials” meal. Since I have to work tonight, we decided that making a good lunch would work better for today. Thus, French Onion Soup was made. This meal had a lot less “executive decisions” than last night’s, but as you will soon find out, we generally will tweak just about every recipe.

If you have never had (or made) French onion soup, you might not know what it is. It is basically onions, broth, bread and cheese put together in a wonderful car-wreck of flavor. Beware, this meal does take some time, so make sure if you are planning on making it, do so on the weekend.


Our Executive Decisions

  • Allison accidentally read the recipe wrong, and only put beef broth on our shopping list. Fortunately for us, that made this dish have a little more deep flavor. We liked it better than the first time we had tried this recipe (when we used chicken and beef stock).
  • We used sourdough bread instead of ciabatta. It is really just a matter of opinion, and I think you could use any of your favorite “crusty” breads.
  • Instead of gruyere cheese, we used provolone and parmesan. This is really just what you like, not to mention we do not know how much gruyere cheese costs, and we worried the price may be steep.

How Was It?

NOM! It was cheesy, crunchy, oniony and was all-around delicious.

Things We Would Change



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