Day 9: Herbed Beef Kabobs

What Father’s Day is complete without some grilling, even if Kris is only a dad to our puppies, cats and rabbit? We just finished grilling Herbed Beef Kabobs (#5 in the link). This is a great low-carb dish (ahem to commenter, Drew!).

Executive Decisions

  • We added some more flavors to our marinade for the beef. We added half a lemon’s worth of juice, half a lime’s worth of juice, pepper, and green onions.
  • For the fresh herbs, we chose parsley and chives.
  • Also on our kabobs, we had red bell pepper, mushrooms and red pearl onions.
  • IMG_3122-ps

How was it?

It was pretty good, but we both agree that the beef could have more flavors.


Things We Would Change

  • We would probably put cayenne in the marinade instead of red pepper flakes.
  • Also, maybe a more acidic liquid base for the marinade, the olive oil was just a bit ordinary.


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