Day 12: Ginger-Garlic Chicken

Today we did the meal we were going to make yesterday. Unfortunately, Allison was RRRRRREEEEEEAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLYYY hungry yesterday, so we had food that was bad for us for dinner instead. So today we did Ginger-Garlic Chicken, which is made of three ingredients we use every week. We served it with a salad (that we almost forgot to get out of the fridge) and chive-and-garlic infused brown rice… NOM!

Executive Decisions

  • Whoops, we made a salad instead of veggies for the meal. It still turned out fine. This is a good time to say, sometimes mistakes work.
  • We didn’t remember that the meat needed to be marinated for 24 hours, so we did not do that either.
  • Since we did not marinate the meat, I knew it would not take on any of the marinade flavor on the grill. So we sauteed it in a pan instead. This worked really well so if you do not have a grill, just saute it in the sauce instead.
  • If you plan on doing it the way the recipe calls for, note that you will have a lot of sauce left over. It is not a bad thing necessarily, just cook it up with some corn starch and make a nice thick sauce.

How was it?

I really enjoyed the marinade as a thick-sauced additive. Plus, Allison and I used to make a really simple dish we jokingly called “Chicken Con Pollo!” It was BBQ chicken and rice (I know that title actually says chicken with chicken…. that’s the fun). It really reminded me of the good old days!


Things We Would Change

  • We had purchased veggies for this so I wish we had used them.
  • I would also like to try this with the 24 hour marinade. It was really good without it, so I think it could be great if marinated.

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