Day 14: Lemon-Herb Protein Two Ways

Today, Allison and I decided we would switch it up. Let me give you some background, I HATE SEAFOOD! got it? Ok. Allison wanted shrimp and I wanted chicken, which was an issue. We decided to make two separate lemon-herb flavored proteins, so that we could both get what we wanted. Fortunately, a coworker (and reader of this blog), Lisa Low provided us with some yummy tomatoes and herbs. We used this opportunity to turn multiple recipes into an Allison and Kris original. We used this recipe for oven roasted tomatoes, and this recipe for our herb sauce. What happened can only be described as magic.

Executive Decisions

  • We added a lot more garlic than both the recipes called for. This pretty much happens every time, but we have to say it regardless.  We also added basil with the tomatoes because we thought it would have a nice taste. Here is the chicken version, wasn’t my best picture ever.
  • We decided that we were less than excited about mint being with the rest of the herbs, so we added chives instead.
  • Using this recipe, Allison added sauteed mushrooms, but instead of shallots, she used green onions. Also, she only used thyme (we did not have marjoram). She also deglazed her pan with sweet white wine. Here is Allison’s shrimp version.

How was it?

Freaking delicious! Allison does not normally finish her plates (typically because she gets full quickly), but she finished her entire meal! Here is the proof!

Things We Would Change

  • We made an Italian dish without garlic bread, shame on us.


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