Day 14: Hot and Sour Soup

Although this hot and sour soup is not the most authentic soup you’ve ever seen, it’s a easy dish for a lazy Saturday. Although, today isn’t much of a lazy day for us. It also doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Kris is a little disappointed in the un-authenticity of the whole thing, because in high school he worked in a oriental restaurant, and expects the real deal.

On a unrelated note, I changed our layout of our site today. I think this is a little easier to read, let us know what you think in the comments!

Executive Decisions

  • The store was out of dried shitake mushrooms so we bought fresh ones. This make the reconstituting phase of the recipe (the first part) not nearly as important, although it still does let the flavors blend together a bit.
  • We also chose to go with dried ginger instead of fresh. We have found that fresh ginger can be a dangerous thing, if you over do it, there’s really no salvaging the dish in our opinion. We prefer to play it safe.
  • We chose to go with tofu rather than chicken. We just thought it would be a nice change. Tofu is something you should definitely give a shot once in your life. It’s kind of a scary ingredient, but it’s really healthy for you. It basically takes up the flavor of whatever you cook it with, and is super easy to cook.
  • Instead of using mushroom-flavored soy sauce, we just used normal soy sauce. We thought we didn’t have enough opportunities to use mushroom flavored, and it seemed like an impractical buy.

How was it?

Unfortunately, this was our first flop. I think our proportions were off at some point because it was over-poweringly sour, and not hot at all. The tofu tasted all right, but almost all of the broth cooked out, and it just was flat out bad. We each took about 3 bites, and had to stop. Good thing we made egg rolls for the side. It was pretty, but no bueno.


Things We Would Change

  • We grossly underestimated how much chicken stock to use. We thought 4 cups for the two of us would be plenty, but we were completely wrong. Our meal turned into tofu with sauce. So we’d probably go with 6 cups of stock next time, and also cover the soup as it’s simmering for the 30 minute portion of the recipe. We also probably wouldn’t simmer it for quite as long. Anything to help keep the broth around! You can see how little broth is here, and that was before it was even done simmering.
  • IMG_3179-ps

  • We would definitely add more spice at the beginning. As I said above, it was waaaaaay too sour, it tasted like you were biting into a lime. This may have been because of how little broth we had when the lime juice was added.
  • Also, we probably would add less lime juice.
  • In addition, we probably should have gone with a much more authentic recipe, which is probably what we wanted in the first place. (Kris says, “Stupid Emeril Lagasse and his Louisiana Hot and Sour Soup!”)

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