Day 21: Eggs Two Ways

We are going out to dinner tonight with Allison’s family, so we did breakfast. This was also a good idea because I have to work this morning. My eggs were scrambled and hers were omeletized. I finely sliced green onions, mushrooms and jalapenos (the jalapenos are fresh from Lisa Low). The jalapenos were for me, Allison is not a huge fan of spicy. We also did some bacon. I don’t really think we need to put a recipe up, but as a note, we used egg beaters. This is a great way to get rid of all the unneeded cholesterol and fat that you get from the yolks. That being said, we probably got it all back in margarine and bacon. Finally, Allison and I put cheddar cheese on our eggs (I also added blue cheese, NOM).


Executive Decisions

  • This meal was an executive decision

How was it?

Yummy, and exactly what I needed before work. Also, you cannot go wrong with bacon and eggs in the morning.


Things We Would Change

  • If we had bread, I would have liked some toast or something.

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