Day 23: Oven-Fried Parmesan Chicken

I thought this recipe seemed pretty Fourth of July-ish so we made it for a friend who celebrated the holiday with us! It was pretty easy to make, and tasted pretty good.

Executive Decisions

  • We definitely made less chicken than the recipe called for.
  • We chose to make only drumsticks so we only had to buy one type of chicken.
  • Also, we added rice and a salad to the meal to make it complete.

How was it?

It was pretty good, although I forgot how much I really am not a fan of drumsticks. The flavor of the breadcrumbs could also use a bit more flavor, or maybe it was just the chicken in general.


Things We Would Change

  • I think I would season the chicken before I bread it next time. Possibly some flavor including garlic, I think that would go well.
  • We also would probably go with chicken breasts instead of the drumsticks, we prefer the meat better, plus it’s leaner.

The best part of the meal? Kendall brought over low-cal pineapple cupcakes! YUM! I’ll ask her for the recipe!



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