Day 24: Lime-and-Chili-Rubbed Chicken Breasts

This was one of best (calorically) I have seen on a Betty Crocker recipe. That being said, we are not fans of the flavor profile this recipe provided. It was really easy to make, and we decided, since we had no side dish for this, we would make our easy parmesan noodles. It is just store-bought parmesan noodles with bacon added to it. NOM! Bacon!

Executive Decisions

  • To the recipe, I increased the amount of garlic powder added, who’d have thought. Also, we did not have just garlic powder, but we have garlic herb powder.
  • We went with the experts hints, which told us to refrigerate for 20 minutes, and bake. I did not want to grill since there was a bit of a sand storm here.

How was it?

I was not a fan of the flavor profile. Others may be, it was spicy, sweet, tangy, and just overpowering. Allison did not like it at all. I will say, the chicken was perfectly cooked, and very pretty when cut into.

Things We Would Change

  • We would use a flavor profile more to our liking.

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