Day 25: Cajun Pork Sliders

Tonight’s meal was a lighter meal that was extremely quick to make, which was perfect for tonight. I had coffee with a friend who is in town, and I didn’t get home for dinner until almost 9 p.m.! Obviously, I had a hungry Kris on my hands! These Cajun Grilled Pork Sliders were the ticket, with a few changes of course!

Executive Decisions

  • Even though we only used half the amount of meat, we still added the same amount of seasoning and sauces.
  • Except for the cajun seasoning, we added a tad bit extra of that.
  • We also chose to pan sear the pork instead of grilling it, just because of the dust in the air.
  • We added fresh-cut shoestring french fries to the side, YUM!

How was it?

They were delicious, a good amount of flavor, but not overpowering the pork. The biscuits were a perfect compliment to the pork too. I’m sure if you changed the flavor profile of this dish to breakfast, it would also make for a great breakfast dish!


(Please excuse the poor quality iPhone picture, I left my camera at work.)

Things We Would Change

  • Next time, we wouldn’t half the meat, the patties were pretty small.
  • Kris really would have liked some veggies on the sliders, to make it more like little burgers, although, I disagree with that.

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