Day 27: Penne with Spinach Sauce

Tonight we had Penne with Spinach Sauce. It was one of the quickest recipes we have made so far. It was easy and a didn’t require a lot of ingredients.

Executive Decisions

  • We used roasted garlic instead of normal garlic. I bought a few heads of garlic and roasted them earlier in the week, now we’re just reaping the delicious benefits.
  • We also chose to use the full amount of sauce, but only about half the pasta.

How was it?

It was a great dish, especially for how easy it is. It’s different than your typical pasta dish.


Things We Would Change

  • We decided that we would add lemon to the sauce, because it just needed something to brighten it up.
  • Also, we wish we would have made some garlic bread, what’s new.

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