Day 29: Bolognese on a Date

You might be wondering what about this sauce is on a date. Well we made it with Farfalle, or bow tie pasta, and only things on a date wear bow ties! This is the recipe for the sauce, which we chose to make ahead of time and freeze. For how long the sauce takes to make this was perfect for a day when we weren’t really wanting to cook something huge.

Executive Decisions

  • Kris chose to not add the white wine into the sauce.
  • We had cheesy garlic bread with our pasta.

How was it?

The dish was amazing! We both absolutely loved the mix of pork and all the vegetables. It had a hint of sweet that was really unexpected, but was a perfect compliment.

Things We Would Change

  • We think we would like to have more tomatoes in the sauce to help thicken it up.

I’m sorry for the lack of photo, I managed to take photos without a memory card in it. 😦



  1. stupid memory card! theres a program you can get that will allow your camera to download directly into your computer.

    • I know they make cards that do that, but I didn’t know there was a program. I need to look into it. I’m awful about forgetting cards, and which cards have which photos and things like that.

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