Cooking Lessons Learned: Part 1


So I thought it might be helpful for anyone getting starting to cook out there, or really any one to be honest, to get a wrap up of some of the things we’ve learned so far. So here are some tips we’ve learned during the first month of cooking!

  1. Executive Decisions are good, as long as you know what you’re cooking. Essentially, flavors are important, but if your burn something, or under cook something, because you made an executive decision, you should have just left it alone.
  2. Planning meals can be your best friend. I find it super helpful to know what our options are each week, and have some sort of schedule going on. This is a theory I use in life in general, but this is no exception. Even if things have to be moved around due to schedules, it still gets rid of the question “What’s For Dinner?”
  3. A Crock Pot is a lifesaver! Being able to put something in before you go to work on a day you know is kind of busy, makes it easy to have a good meal, at home, instead of eating something from the drive through.


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