Day 31: Steak Fajitas

Tonight we had a friend over for dinner, and made some delicious steak fajitas! This isn’t a recipe you can find online or in a book, it’s something we’ve come up with, but it’s pretty basic and is great when you just want a go-to meal.

So for this one, I’m going to just tell you the seasonings I added to the steak, and how long I cooked it, and everything else is basically up to you!

We added cumin, chili powder, salt and pepper to both sides of the steak. For this we would normally use a skirt or flank steak, but Walmart was out of those, so we went with top sirloin, which worked perfectly. After that I placed the steak in the fridge for a while, just to let the flavors soak into the meat a little (and also because our guest wasn’t going to get to our house for a little while). When we were ready to cook it, we put it in the oven on broil for 4 minutes on each side.

Voila! Steak Fajitas.

We also slow cooked a green bell pepper and an onion in a skillet on medium-low heat to include in our fajitas.

Just serve it up with your favorite condiments and side dishes.

And I know what you’re saying, no photos again? I did the memory card thing again. Now that I’m done working with some photos on that card for work, it won’t be in random places!


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