Day 39: Ravioli with Alfredo

So I am currently in Houston visiting, and I was planning on making a meal for my dad and his friend, Andrew, but Andrew wasn’t having it. He insisted on cooking, so I thought I would feature the meal he cooked, and throw in a few ideas for changing it up a bit.

So the meal was ravioli with alfredo sauce. The ravioli had chicken stuffed in it, along with cheese. It was delicious!

Things I Would Change/Add

  • I think this meal would go perfect with some spinach added in! Also, some mushrooms would have been a great addition also.
  • The alfredo sauce was from a jar, which is a fantastic time-saving tip, but I think adding a bit of seasoning to it in the pan, especially some garlic would have given it something special!

On another note, you might notice that Kris and I are not in the same city at the moment. To keep this going, we are splitting up the days and we’re both cooking some. Well that’s the plan. Obviously today didn’t go as expected, but I’m cooking for my sister for another meal, and that should work perfectly!


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