Day 50: Baked Oma Bread Sandwiches

This meal was a quick baked sandwich. The bread (we call oma bread) is a jewish rye bread, and basically we just put havarti cheese on our favorite lunch meat. Sorry though, these sandwiches are not kosher. My sandwich had a aioli (garlic mayo), turkey, havarti, mustard and mozzarella cheese on top. Allison’s had mustard, garlic butter, havarti and black-forest ham.

Executive Decisions

How was it?

Holy cow! This bread is amazing on normal sandwiches, but putting garlic butter on them, and having a baked sandwich was awesome. Possibly the best sandwich I have ever had.

Things We Would Change

  • I used low-fat mozzarella, and it did not cook on my sandwich quite like I would like it. I am not sure if i would use full fat, however, since we are trying to be healthier.

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