Day 52: Vegetable Fried Rice

I learned how to make fried rice as a sous chef in a chinese restaurant when I was 16. The way we did it was, first heat the oil, add eggs and onions, then add the steamed rice. Add a bunch of soy sauce, salt, pepper and chicken bouillon. That simple! the measurements for the restaurant were big spoon fuels, so I never really knew how much went in. Generally I just put equal parts of the dry ingredients, and add soy sauce until the color looks right. You want it to be medium brown. The veggies I added were just your store bought frozen veggie bag (this one is asparagus stir fry).

Executive Decisions

  • Again, it seems I have not looked in my fridge at the correct time. I knew we had soy sauce, but it seems we used it. Fortunately, we did have teriyaki sauce, so I substituted it. It is my understanding that the main part of teriyaki sauce is soy sauce, so the switch should not change the flavor much.

How was it?

This meal was really good, and the beauty of a well seasoned stir fry, is that you don’t need meat! While I do love meat in my stir fry, I thought it might be nice to show a vegetable only version. Allison and I have actually found that a few of our recent meals could have been vegetarian, and we would have liked them more.

Things We Would Change

  • Prepare yourself for homemade egg rolls at some point. I saw Allison have goggly eyes at some egg roll wrappers in the market the other day. Not sure if we are going to go rice paper, or egg paper. Just prepare yourself because egg rolls are simple, and a nice way to impress your friends.

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