Well, That Didn’t Work & Potato Leek Soup

Well, as you can probably tell, food blogging everyday didn’t quite work out. It’s difficult, and we went out of town, and it made things very difficult. So instead, we’re going to blog from time to time, about meals that were yummy! So basically you still get good ideas for meals, and we’re not stressed out trying to cook something every night, which is extra important since Kris has two night classes this semester.

So last weekend, we made Potato Leek Soup, and it was pretty dang good.

We started with a recipe from the Food Network, and just added more potatoes than it called for. We served this soup to friends for dinner, and prepared all the leeks the night before to make it go a little faster the next day. In addition to just cutting them up, we put them in our food processor so everything would be the same size and it saved some time.

I would suggest seasoning the soup heavily, I felt like I was overdoing it, but when it was done, it could have used a little more seasoning. We also chose to serve green onions, cheddar cheese and crisp turkey bacon on the side to make the meal just a little interactive.

With this soup came a perfect side, these panins.

We switched these up a bit, too, instead of using chicken fingers, we just used chicken lunch meat. This made these sandwiches super easy. Also, we left out the basil leaves, because it sounded a little overkill to us. But the pesto mayonnaise is what made these amazing. We just put them on our little George Foreman Grill which grilled them perfectly. Our guests loved them, and we did too. We even are planning on making them again really soon!


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